Advancing the human right to land, water and food around the world through strategic grantmaking and advocacy.

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Strengthening indigenous women’s lives and communities, one garden at a time
Looking back at our work over the past year
Help send emergency support to civil society groups in this time of tremendous need
Looking at the impact of the Occupation, settlements and the Separation Wall
Working around the world to reclaim the right to seeds and to a dignified life
Advancing powerful and effective strategies to feed the planet and limit the damages wrought by industrial agriculture
Placing the rights of people and communities ahead of corporate interests

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Haiti is a place where you can fall “upside down” in love with the Haitian people and culture. It is also the place where everything you knew before – including about philanthropy and development –...
In honor of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples I’d like to tell you the story of Dina Julaju Quiche.Dina is a young, petite woman. Her calm demeanor and smile does not give any...
Tuck, a magazine for discerning readers
In the weeks of escalating violence in Gaza, updates from our partners on the ground there have become increasingly dire, desperate and sadly detailed in their listing of dead and displaced. The...
Grassroots International welcomes Gisele M. Michel as its Interim Executive Director.
The recent article, GM scaremongering in Africa is disarming the fight against poverty, published in the Guardian’s PovertyMatters Blog on 21 July 2014, is a thinly veiled attack on those of us...
After almost three weeks of bombing, the death toll in Gaza rose to more than 1,030 on Sunday. The Palestinian poet Jehan Bseiso writes, "There’s more blood than water today in Gaza."Haaretz notes, "...